Midnight in the Garden of Evil

Introductions Please

You hear the hum of overhead lights coming on, but the darkness of the bag over your head lets no light in, you are unable to move, you are bound to a chair and manacles hold your hands and feet.

A voice says “you may take off your hoods”. You hear a electronic buzz and the shackles release.

The light is blinding, how long has that hood been on?

As your eyes adjust you realize the room is very non-descript, no clocks, no hangings, just a white sterile room. You see a man, 5’7-ish medium build, black pin-stripe suit, you would conservatively place him as mid 50’s.

“I am Gregory Hynes”, he looks over the group, “you are here because you have been chosen for your various skills, I have a job offer for you”.

He takes a moment to clear his throat.

“If any of you would like to leave, it is your choice, but this is a one-time offer, you can say yes to my proposal and your loans and payments will disappear…or you can say no and we will take you home, this will all seem like a bad dream….anyone want to opt out?”

You glance around at the others and a young man puts his hand up “excuse me, I would like to leave”.


A loud thunderclap echos through the room and the young man drops to the floor, a tranquilizer dart protruding from his back, it is impossible to tell where the shot was fired from.

“Feel free to introduce yourselves before we continue!”


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